Developer. Iichiro Ohhira Ph.D

Our unique lactic acid bacteria TH10, a fermentative bacteria for Lactic acid fermented vegetable extract “OM-X”, was found in a traditional fermented food “Tempeh” in Southeast Asia by the developer Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira in 1988. When we compared its proteolytic activity among more than 180 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria TH10 was revealed to possess about 6.25-fold higher enzymatic activity. These discovery and achievement were published in a paper as “Biochemical Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Traditional Fermented Foods in Southeast Asia” in 1991 and bore fruit as being awarded with the 18th Japanese Dairy Science Association Prize in the same year.


  • Feb. 1936: born in Osaka City, Japan
  • Mar. 1960: graduated from Department of Agriculture, Okayama University, Japan
  • May 1971: enrolled in the Graduate School of Agriculture, Okayama University
  • Mar. 1973: completed his Master’s degree of Agriculture at Okayama University
  • Jun. 1974: founded Bio Activity Research & Development Center
  • May 1986: studied under Professor Toshitaka Nakae, a world authority on research in lactic acid bacteria, Department of Agriculture, Okayama University
  • Apr. 1987: enrolled in the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University
  • Mar. 1990: received a Doctorate of Natural Science and Technology from Okayama University
  • Jun. 1992: enrolled in the Laboratory of Microbiology, Kagawa Medical College (chiefly researched toxins)
  • May 1998: assumed the office of the Technical Advisor on Agricultural and Environmental Issues, Chengdu, Suchuan, China
  • Jun. 1999: received a Doctorate of Science in Health Science from Adam Smith University of America
  • Dec. 2000: received a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Azabu University, Japan
  • Apr. 2001: thirty years have passed since foundation of company


  • Mar. 1980: The Meritorious Services Prize from Sandakan Town Board, Malaysia
  • Aug. 1980: The Meritorious Services Prize from Kota Kinabalu Town Board, Malaysia
  • May 1981: Okayama Nichinichi Newspaper Prize
  • Sept.1981: Ari Daja Kinabalu (ADK) from Sabah, Malaysia
  • Aug. 1991: Japanese Dairy Science Association Prize
  • Aug. 2002: Presidential Citation from Philippine Medical Association
  • Aug. 2004: Presidential Citation from The International College of Surgeons, Philippine Section
  • Dec. 2004: GUSI Peace Prize, The Philippines


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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