How “OM-X” was born

Our story all started from one spoonful of paste

How Dr. Ohhira, the inventor of OM-X, was saved

The development of “OM-X” began when Dr. Ohhira encountered a spoonful of mysterious paste

Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, the inventor of “OM-X” already knew a quarter-century ago that “Lactic acid bacteria were good for our health”. How did he find that out? It happened one night about 30 years ago…

Dr. Ohhira was in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia designing gardens as a part of an international voluntary project. One day, he attended a reception held by the then-Minister of Home Affairs. When he was resting under a tree as he fell sick, a local young man handed him a syrup-like juice. Then, half-doubting, Dr. Ohhira had a sip of the extract and fully recovered within a matter of hours.

“What is this extract all about?”

The shock he felt that night drove him to his research in lactic acid bacteria and fermentation.

Re-admission to a postgraduate college right before the age of 50

Discovery of the highly functional strain of lactic acid bacteria “TH10” in tempeh, a fermented food in Southeast Asia

The developer of the fermented vegetable extract “OM-X”, Dr. Ohhira, brought a sample of the mysterious essence that had saved him back to Japan and finally after much of his own investigation and studying on the ingredients and manufacturing method he uncovered that it was a fermented food of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Ohhira then re-entered into a doctoral course at a postgraduate school right before the age of 50. While studying, he repeated numerous travels between Japan and Southeast Asia and continued his study on many plant based fermented foods widely eaten in the area. As a result of his intensive study on various strains, he discovered a strain, amongst lactic acid bacteria found in wild plants, with the strength to survive in harsh environments. It was a strain of lactic acid bacteria with high functionality found on tempeh, a fermented food regularly eaten in Southeast Asia. When compared with other strains in the same species and genus, the proteolytic activity of this strain was 6.25 times higher. And this highly functional strain of lactic acid bacteria “TH10”is the primary strain used in the manufacture of “OM-X”.

Dr. Ohhira pursued his studies further and earned a Doctorate in Natural Science from Okayama University in March of 1990. His long-term study came to a satisfactory conclusion as he received the 18th Japanese Dairy Science Association Prize with "The Study on Distribution and Biochemistry of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Traditional Fermented Foods in Southeast Asia."    

Wishing good health and long life to 7 billion people around the world

With the developer’s passion in our heart, we make the product with tender care

The developer of OM-X, Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, tried to make a fermented food using wild plants and fruits, in his study “The Isolation and Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Naturally Fermented Wild Plants and Fruits” published in 1987, with consideration of their beneficial elements e.g. vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria that tend to be insufficient in our modern diet. For the ingredients to be used in the fermentation, Dr. Ohhira focused his attention on locally grown land plants and water plants traditionally eaten in the Chugoku region, like Chinese bayberry, wild vine, akebi, wild strawberry, mulberry, oleaster, Chinese matrimony, broad-leaved plantain, mugwort, brown algae and sea tangle. In a developmental stage at that time, the ingredients were appropriately prepared based on their own characteristics, for example, some were used raw and others were treated with natural brown sugar for extraction. These prepared ingredients were then fermented and matured for more than 2 years under natural circulation.

In this extract after fermentation and maturation, Dr. Ohhira noticed the effects derived from new strains of lactic acid bacteria found in nature and the health benefits to us humans leading to the development of our fermented dietary supplement “OM-X”. After years of international activities through “OM-X”, Dr. Ohhira earned a series of awards like Presidential Citation from Philippine Medical Association” and became the first Japanese to have won the “GUSI Peace prize” aka “Nobel Peace Prize of south-eastern Asia”.


Filled with the developer’s passion for “bringing health and long life to all 7 billion people on the earth”, our goal is to deliver “OM-X” to the world. We make our product with tender care and also try to deliver “our wish” conveyed inside the capsule. 


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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